Train Specifications

This information is to be used to help keep custom engines and cars within the track specifications used by the club.

  • 6-Wide: this is the standard width of most retail trains from LEGO with the train bed being six studs wide
  • 8-wide: An 8-wide train has a total width of eight studs and may have clips on either side. Clips are about ½ a stud wide.
  • All trains/cars can have no protrusions beyond eight studs and a standard LEGO clip on either side
  • All train engines and cars can be no longer than 50 studs in length.
  • Truck pivot points should be no more than 38 studs apart.
  • No trains can exceed 14 ½ bricks high measured from the track base to the highest point of the engine, or car.
  • Trains wider than 8-wide are not allowed on the layout unless a complete push test is done prior to running to see if the clearances needed are there. If a larger than 8-wide car hits any hardscape (building, overhang, topography, etc.), it is up to the member whose creation was hit to decide whether they want to adjust, rebuild, or remove the obstacle. If not, then the larger than 8-wide train can not be run on the layout.